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About our Family Program

What you Need to Know


The Alpha 2 family program is designed to assist clients, family members, and significant others to develop a greater knowledge and understanding of the impact of addiction.


Addiction forms itself for many different reasons. Furthermore, not addressing all of the reasons can have a devastating effect on your loved ones recovery.  It is important for family members to understand why their love ones behave the way they do and to understand how the drugs they are addicted to affect them.


Family members need to know that they did not cause the addiction, they cannot control the addiction, and that they cannot cure the addiction.


During your loved ones stay at Alpha 2 it is important that you are a part of their recovery from their addiction.


The Alpha 2
Family Counseling Program :


You will participate in sessions with other clients families to learn more about addiction;  how different drugs affect the brain and body; and how your loved one may react to treatment. During these sessions we will watch videos, and share concerns for your loved ones. You will also have a chance to meet others sharing similar experiences.

Family members have the opportunity  to bring up issues that are important to them regarding your loves ones addiction.

Clients and family members will participate in role playing exercises to show each other how they think and feel about one another.

Family members will be asked to write and send letters to Alpha 2 and your loved ones.

Some families may utilize conference calls to work on more personalized issues with your loved one during the .



Your family member may experience some of the following:


* A temptation to create or present a different part of himself.

* A temptation to focus on what is wrong with others rather than deal with himself.

* Clients may be surprised to discover that others feel the similar feelings and have support for how they feel.

* They may feel that things are getting worse.

* They may experience strong negative feelings directed towards others.

* A feeling of being “cured” and ready to
leave treatment.

* A tendency to feel guilt and shame.

* A desire to shield you from becoming involved in family programming or even talking to the counseling staff.



What you may experience:


* Avoiding communicating with Staff.

* A temptation to minimize family problems.

* Feeling resentment towards the client.

* Preoccupation with problems after treatment.

* Believing that treatment will magically fix all family problems.

* Minimizing the impact of the addiction on yourself or other family members.

* Resistance to attending recovery support groups for family members.

* A desire to shield the client from any bad news or problems for fear of “setting them off”.

* Continuing to be manipulated by your loved one to meet their self-centered needs.

* A sense of hope and optimism.

* A strong desire to do whatever it takes to get and keep the family and client in recovery.  



All these experiences illustrate the difficulty in making the changes necessary for true sobriety










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